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Opera 9.21

Opera passe à la version 9.21 [En] :

• New shortcut 'ya' for searching with Yahoo! Answers.
• The onunload event is no longer fired if a new URL is entered manually via the address bar or bookmarks.
• Fixed a bug where User JavaScript on HTTPS would keep prompting to be allowed to run on a page.
• Fixed a crash caused by long object descendant property chains in JavaScript.
• Stability fix for torrents.
• PAC (Proxy Auto-Config) setting is now read from system.

Autant je suis fan de sa version mobile, autant je n'ai jamais accroché à la version traditionnelle de ce navigateur web.

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MailBoxer 5.0

MailBoxer vous permet de disposer de BAL intelligentes dans Mail correspondant à chaque groupe de contacts disponibles dans Carnet d'adresse.

Pratique pour repérer les mails de correspondants spécifiques ... Winking

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Mail Scripts 2.7.12 - Enrichir l'utilisation de Mail

Mail Scripts est une collection gratuite d'Apple Scripts pour Mail et Carnet d'adresse.

La version 2.7.12 apporte les fonctionnalités suivantes [En] :

• (Add Addresses): don't show smart groups in the popup as new contacts obviously cannot be added manually to a smart group.
• (Add Addresses): try to work around a bug in Mail (Apple bug ID 5147376) where it fails to parse addresses in the form "" (they would have displayed as " " before, leading to some ugly entries in the Address Book).
• (Add Addresses): remember the last selection for the address label and preselect it when starting the script the next time.
• (Archive Messages): when exporting to rich text files, create *.rtfd packages only when needed (i.e., when attachments are present) - the script now defaults to simple *.rtf files. This will make opening the files with applications not familiar with the *.rtfd format (e.g., Microsoft Word) easier.
• (Archive Messages): also add a file extension when exporting to one file per message to make the resulting files' format a little more obvious.
• (Archive Messages): use a shell script instead of calling the Finder when creating folders for exported messages - this hopefully will avoid the timing issues leading to random type -1409 errors.
• (Filter Sent Messages): Fix the script to correctly work for rules based on custom messages headers.
• (Remove Duplicates): don't ignore Message-IDs shorter than 12 characters when looking for potential duplicates.
• (Remove Duplicates): a few fixes for character escaping in the shell scripts for initial scanning for duplicate Message-IDs.
• (Remove Duplicates): be a little smarter about which message to move to the duplicates folder based on message status - the message status is now ranked based on message flags in the following order: flagged, replied, redirected, forwarded, read.

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Sync Now 1.1
Sync Now offre gratuitement une fonctionnalité disparue avec Tiger, à savoir la possibilité de gérer iSync via la barre de Menus.

Google Reader Notifier 0.99b

Google Reader Notifier est un logiciel gratuit qui s'installe dans la barre de Menus pour vous prévenir d'une news dans Google Reader (lecteur de flux RSS).

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