Mail Scripts 2.7.12 - Enrichir l'utilisation de Mail

Mail Scripts est une collection gratuite d'Apple Scripts pour Mail et Carnet d'adresse.

La version 2.7.12 apporte les fonctionnalités suivantes [En] :

• (Add Addresses): don't show smart groups in the popup as new contacts obviously cannot be added manually to a smart group.
• (Add Addresses): try to work around a bug in Mail (Apple bug ID 5147376) where it fails to parse addresses in the form "" (they would have displayed as " " before, leading to some ugly entries in the Address Book).
• (Add Addresses): remember the last selection for the address label and preselect it when starting the script the next time.
• (Archive Messages): when exporting to rich text files, create *.rtfd packages only when needed (i.e., when attachments are present) - the script now defaults to simple *.rtf files. This will make opening the files with applications not familiar with the *.rtfd format (e.g., Microsoft Word) easier.
• (Archive Messages): also add a file extension when exporting to one file per message to make the resulting files' format a little more obvious.
• (Archive Messages): use a shell script instead of calling the Finder when creating folders for exported messages - this hopefully will avoid the timing issues leading to random type -1409 errors.
• (Filter Sent Messages): Fix the script to correctly work for rules based on custom messages headers.
• (Remove Duplicates): don't ignore Message-IDs shorter than 12 characters when looking for potential duplicates.
• (Remove Duplicates): a few fixes for character escaping in the shell scripts for initial scanning for duplicate Message-IDs.
• (Remove Duplicates): be a little smarter about which message to move to the duplicates folder based on message status - the message status is now ranked based on message flags in the following order: flagged, replied, redirected, forwarded, read.

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