Do iT 2.5 - Gérer ses tâches

Do iT (ex - ToDo) est un gestionnaire de Tâches gratuit.


iGTD 1.4.1 - Gestion de projets - MàJ

iGTD est un logiciel de gestion de projets qui passe à la version 1.4.1.

Particulièrement fonctionnel, ce logiciel que je trouve plutôt intéressant est gratuit !

[Edit du 18 mai 2007]

Fonctionnalités apportées [En] :

• new Quick Add window - press default F7 key to open it and add a task quickly
• new Quick Type In window - press default F8 key to open it and enter a task in QuickSilver-like format (you don't have to use QS!)
• both functions are also available from the menu bar icon of iGTD
• both F-keys can be configured (or disabled) in preferences: Integration tab
• the count of inbox tasks is displayed in the iGTD Dock icon (it's like Apple Mail's 'badge')
• other small GUI effects introduced
• when promoting a task to a project, a new subproject is created in the project of the promoted task
• archiving of completed tasks added
• 'near future' dates are displayed with weekday names (this will get configurable, though)
• contexts are sorted properly now
• projects imported 100% correctly when migrating from older releases
• extended debugging logs for syncing (it still does not work OK for some users)
• other minor fixes

Téléchargement (6,5 Mo)

Rapidcal 1.2

Rapidcal est un plug-in payant ($ 15) qui ajoute le ou les calendriers iCal dans Rapidweaver.

Téléchargement (906 Ko)

MagiCal 1.1a7 - MàJ

MagiCal vous permet d'avoir accès à iCal via la barre de Menu.

[Edit du 3 mai 2007]

Passage à la version 1.1a7 :

• Made yet more fixes to date and time updating.
• Eliminated some situations where webkit calendar fails to draw.
• Webkit calendar month and day now use the correct language localisation.

Téléchargement (4,5 Mo)

Address Book to CSV Exporter 1.23

Voici un outil gratuit qui vous permet d'importer dans votre compte GMail les contacts présents dans Carnet d'adresse.


NeoOffice 2.1 - MàJ

Passage de NeoOffice à la version 2.1 :

• Based on OpenOffice.org 2.1 codebase
• Support for writing ISO 26300 OpenDocument (aka OpenOffice.org 2.0) file formats
• Support for Microsoft OpenXML Word document format
• Support for Microsoft Excel VBA macros
• Novell's Solver for Calc
• Significant improvements in startup time
• Support for Java 1.5 on Mac OS X 10.4
• New database component
• Enhanced sound support
• Runs on Intel Macintoshes
• Native Cocoa Open and Save dialogues
• Most widgets (scrollbars, buttons, checkboxes) are now Aqua
• New Finder icons and splash screen with a more Aqua appearance
• The new Akua set of toolbar icons with a more Aqua appearance
• Enhanced support for Mac OS X themes, such as those offered by ShapeShifter

Téléchargement - 139 Mo