iGTD 1.4.1 - Gestion de projets - MàJ

iGTD est un logiciel de gestion de projets qui passe à la version 1.4.1.

Particulièrement fonctionnel, ce logiciel que je trouve plutôt intéressant est gratuit !

[Edit du 18 mai 2007]

Fonctionnalités apportées [En] :

• new Quick Add window - press default F7 key to open it and add a task quickly
• new Quick Type In window - press default F8 key to open it and enter a task in QuickSilver-like format (you don't have to use QS!)
• both functions are also available from the menu bar icon of iGTD
• both F-keys can be configured (or disabled) in preferences: Integration tab
• the count of inbox tasks is displayed in the iGTD Dock icon (it's like Apple Mail's 'badge')
• other small GUI effects introduced
• when promoting a task to a project, a new subproject is created in the project of the promoted task
• archiving of completed tasks added
• 'near future' dates are displayed with weekday names (this will get configurable, though)
• contexts are sorted properly now
• projects imported 100% correctly when migrating from older releases
• extended debugging logs for syncing (it still does not work OK for some users)
• other minor fixes

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