The Missing Sync for Blackberry 1.0.1

Markspace étend sa gamme de logiciels de synchronisation entre Mac OS et les appareils mobiles.

En l'espèce, cette solution, payante ($ 39,95) permet l'amélioration de la compatibilité entre Mac OS et les Blackberry.


La version 1.0.1 apporte les améliorations suivantes :

• Notes - better handling of missing categories selected for syncing
• Notes - fewer duplicates after a reset sync history
• Notes - handles commas in category names better
• Notes - now automatically registers with Sync Services for Mark/Space Notebook
• Contacts - Don't send duplicate phone numbers from iCal to device
• Contacts - Don't send "no name" contacts to newer devices
• Contacts - Sync work and home email addresses before others
• Contacts - Only add groups records to the device if they are included in the sync
• Contacts - Allow syncing "unfiled" contacts when syncing by group
• Contacts - Fixes for nil object insertion into dictionary exceptions
• Contacts - skips email addresses with empty values
• Contacts - Main phone number from address book is now synced to work on the handheld
• Contacts - Nextel direct connect number is now synced as a custom field
• Contacts - PIN data is now synced as a custom field
• Calendar - Fewer Entourage duplications on slow sync
• Calendar - Sync display alarms to accommodate Entourage
• Calendars & Tasks - Test for blank default calendar name before validating prefs
• Tasks - Better mapping between device and iCal status
• Added warning to ReadMe - turn off BlackBerry Enterprise Server syncing
• Avoid duplicating Entourage alarms on a refresh sync
• Added French and German localization
• Entourage - All day events sync better. Reminders sync.
• Warn if there are no writable calendars in iCal
• Only ask to display the log window if it isn't already showing
• Fixed crasher when application support folder permissions are invalid
• License.rtf font change
• Improved error and warning messages in several plugins
• Improved logging when an exception is thrown
• Fixed log window display issues caused by multithreaded race condition
• Added FolderSync Plugin
• Nulls are stripped from device strings
• Fixed crasher in updateStatus
• Error and warning messages in plugins are more friendly and informative
• Added separator to log on each sync
• Fixed problem with shared home directories if a user is logged in twice

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